What are the Health Benefits of Dates?

When it comes to including certain foods in your daily diet and health routine, there’s one fruit that sometimes gets overlooked by most people: dates. No, not the kind you go on, but the fruit of the date tree that is dried out and has many health benefits. So much so, that considering incorporating the dried dates nutrition into your normal dietary routine can be something you won’t regret. And to think you can even just buy dates online, why haven’t you yet? It just might be because you haven’t heard of their magical goodness.


Today, we wanted to look at some of the Dates health  benefits for you and your body and the effect they can have when consumed as part of your daily diet.


  1. Lower Cholesterol


Who isn’t looking for a way to lower their cholesterol? And in the case of dates, you’d be doing it while enjoying their dried dates nutrition value and savory flavor! They are a completely cholesterol free food and also contain little fat. Consuming a few at every meal can help you in weight loss as well because of the fact that they’re low in cholesterol. As with anything consumed too much, doing so can lead to weight gain. But a great way of approaching eating dates, is to enjoy one or two dates with each meal a day, and you’ll be staying within the healthy sweet spot.


  1. Rich in vitamins


Dates contain many different vitamins including B1, B2, B3, along with A1 and C vitamins. With that kind of vitamin load in one date, it’s a wonder more people don’t enjoy these delicious, savory, little, dried up beauties! These are like taking a vitamin supplement pill that you actually want to take. Along with the vitamin richness within them, dates also provide you with natural sugars so you’re not having to consume manufactured sweeteners for energy.


  1. Fight off diseases


Inside each date are much needed antioxidants, and each of them provides many health benefits for you. When you compare dates to other similar types of fruits such as figs or dried plums, they blow them out of the water, or off the tree, depending on your analogy preference. Dates have the highest number of antioxidants versus many other similar fruits. Consuming antioxidants is never a bad thing, in fact it helps your body in fighting off diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even reduce the risk of heart disease. The particular antioxidants found within dates (flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic acid) do all of those things for your body.


These are just a few of the many health benefits dates provide to your health when you start incorporating them into your daily diet routine. OmaviDates provide high quality dried dates at amazing deals. Yes, you truly can buy dates online and have all of the benefits above plus many, many more. Eating healthy has never tasted so sweet as it does with OmaviDates Cultivate your meal!

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