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Carob Pods Naturally Cut & Stiffed Packet

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Carob pod chips and powder are used for tea, added to tea formulas and to food and beverage recipes for flavor and nutrition. Often used as a substitute for chocolate or cocoa powder in cakes, cookies, and candy. 

Carob is naturally sweet and is similar to sweetened cocoa, but containing no caffeine, the obromine or other psychoactive substances. Unlike chocolate products, carob is non-toxic to dogs and is used in dog treats.

Nutritional Breakdown: Carob pod is a reliable source of dietary carbohydrates and calcium, potassium, and riboflavin. The seed residue after gum extraction can be made into a starch- and sugar-free flour of 60% protein content.

Pick and wash the ripe pods and boil in just enough water to cover, or steam until tender. Cooking softens the pods, making splitting them open fairly easy. Remove seeds, cut pods into small pieces and dry well. Put the pieces in a blender and grind into a powder. Process only small amounts at a time. 





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