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Medjool Puffy (10lbs)

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Due to changing climate, a number of Dates will end up with puffy skin, making them non desirable.

The Medjool Puffy Dates ( Cooking Type Dates ) are perfect for all your baking, cooking, health bars, date cakes etc.. 

Even though they are not good to look at they still taste and feel like a Medjool date with similar texture, soft and moist. 

The contain the same benefits as any other medjool dates and we still eat them all the time. 

NOTE: We recommend storing your dates in the refrigerator or freezer.  We do not advise storing them at room temp when the dates are very moist.

Looks aren't always everything. 

Vegan & Organic

Free USA Delivery

No Perservatives and Non-GMO

Freshly Packed Daily